About Us


Evans-Carlson Counselling believes in supporting individuals and couples in the growth that will help them take the next step towards health and wholeness.

Special Issues In-Focus:

Each person coming to counselling has their own unique concerns and presenting issues. We value meeting each individual and couple with an individualized approach to their situation. Some of the following are specific individuals or issues that may find our services helpful.

  • Coping With Life Transitions (Divorce, Separation, Job Change or Loss, Grieving)
  • Suffering From Anxiety or Stress
  • Feeling Down and Depressed
  • Struggling With Concerns About Sexuality and Sexual Identity
  • Recovering From Abuse (Relational, Spiritual, Sexual)
  • Couples Counselling (Marriage, Dating, Same-Sex Couples) 


The Evans-Carlson Counselling clinic will not withhold services from any individual or couple based on gender, age, religious and/or political affiliation, sexual orientation. An individual or couple may be referred to another clinician if it is deemed best to meet the client's counselling goals.